Monday, November 24, 2008

REPLAY Release 0.5

Thanks to Tobias Wunden for releasing the next version 0.5 of REPLAY.

"We are happy to announce the next release of Replay, ETH Zurich's solution to produce, handle, index, archive, and distribute audiovisual lecture recordings on a large scale.

Version 0.5 is an integration release and adds all the relevant parts and techniques that will make up the final version (1.0) of REPLAY. Many bugs have been fixed and a few things have been rewritten to improve existing functionality."

With REPLAY 0.5 yovisto company starts to offer professional support and integration services to setup REPLAY at your institution or enterprise.

For further informations contact:

[ - ] General
Many bugfixes and improvements through the whole backend.
[ - ] Indexer
The index database has been removed in favor of initial support for MPEG-7 serialization.
[ - ] Store
This release of Replay is the first to sport the new user interface. It's an application developed using flex from adobe running in all modern flash-enabled browser and tries to leverage the static andisochronic metadata provided by the backend through a REST service that allows for the integration of arbitrary user interfaces.
The interface allows for various ways of browsing a recorded lecture: First of all, it can simply be viewed by hitting the "play" button. The second way of doing it is to hover over the segmented timeline and clicking on a segment to start watching. The third and last option is to hover over the slide previews and selecting one to start playing. When two tracks are ingested in one bundle (e.g. the vga grabbing and the presenter video), they are presented in "picture in picture" mode. Double clicking on either of them will hide the other, given for example that you are only interested in watching the slides.
Searching the store is now backed by solr, a search index based on lucene.
[ - ] Scheduler
The scheduler application has been heavily updated, not only with regards to fixing bugs but also by the addition of new features. The main feature enhancement compared to the 0.4 release is a documented api targeted at the integration of campus information systems (cis). Using this api, information about people, rooms and lectures may be seamlessly integrated with the scheduling application. In addition, the scheduler brings a default implementation for this api, backed by a standalone addressbook, rooms and schedule database for manual entry and maintenance. Please refer to the documentation to learn how to enable the api and roll your own implementation.
The user interface has been overhauled as well, adding better navigation within the application and ajax functionality for suggestion of field content.
The scheduler now supports job tickets, that can be added to a recording. This job ticket consists of simple key-value properties and can be leveraged in every workflow throughout the system.
[ - ] Ingestor
The ingestor has been updated to add compliance with the user experience of the other applications (ingestor, dashboard). Support for job tickets has been added. In addition, a few bugs have been fixed.