Saturday, March 14, 2009

Yovisto has been voted to be among the top German ICT Applications

Yovisto has been voted to be among the top German ICT Applications in the context of the World Summit Award 2009. The World Summit Award (WSA) is the global contest to select best practice in e-Content and innovative ICT applications. The contest shows that new media keep the promise and can contribute to a better world. It increases public awareness for ingenious content ideas and applications with a twist, thus assisting in marketing high-quality multimedia products.

e-Content products or ICT application are entered in the WSA via national contests. The national winners in the eight WSA categories are submitted by the Eminent Expert from each country based on the national jury process. In the absence of an open national contest, Eminent Experts conduct a national selection panel in order to select in an objective and fair manner the best from their countries.

Thus, yovisto has been voted to be among the top German e-Content and innovative ICT applications! Thank you very much...!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Yovisto goes HPI

Yovisto relocated from FSU Jena to Hasso-Plattner-Institute in Potsdam/Germany to become a research platform for semantic multimedia technologies.

The move was a little adventuresome: First of all, renting a car was scheduled to 8am but the Europcar staff arrived not until 9am. So we lost one hour right at the beginning of this day. Finnally, a surprise, the rental car was a brand new Mercedes Benz :-).
Driving to Potsdam was a pleasure until I the tank turns empty, so I drove to the next gas station for refueling. And then, surprise 2: I wasn't able to open the flap. The manual says: "Press slightly on the left to open the flap." I've done exactly what that manual instructs me to do. I tried to press a bit tougher, on the left, on the right, and again on the left. No way, the flap kept closed. This was embarrassing. After calling Europcar and car manufacturer - both were not able to help me - I decided to drive on with this sip of fuel. So, it was only 30km to HPI. And, thanks to my economic driving talent, I reached the HPI and the destination Europcar station.

So, whatever. The servers are now located at HPI in a well air conditined server room protected by regular backups and uninterruptible power supply. I will post some photographs soon.