Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Demo of yovisto

Finally, we have a short demo of yovisto with "foreign" material, historical video from the city of Potsdam.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Potsdamer Stadtschloss in Gefahr

Potsdamer Stadtschloss (Deutsches Bundesarchiv, Bild 170-238)
Due to legal reasons we had to remove the very popular video 'Das Potsdamer Stadtschloss in Gefahr" from our collection ( including 4 other videos with historical documentaries about Potsdam from the same series). Too bad for the copyright holder...because we had also made advertisements for the copyright holder's Potsdam DVD (where you may find all the material that has been accessible via yovisto including more in higher resolution and much better quality). Also bad luck for the copyright holder, because there had been tons of Google hits on his videos at yovisto while looking for "Potsdam", "Sanssouci", or "Stadtschloss". And again bad luck for the copyright holder, because there had already been links at wikipedia to the Potsdam videos at yovisto.

From now on, the only way to access these videos will be searching the DVD at
and buying the DVD (without knowing what kind of video material is waiting there for the potential buyer). We are rather sorry to shut away these very nice and valuable historical documentaries from the public.

BTW, have you heard of the "Monty Python" effect?
After publishing their content freely on a youtube channel, amazon sales of their DVDs increased rather significantly (about 400%)......